Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How local engineers can benefit from Inala Technology

      Recently i just came from a trip that took me three weeks to over six regions of Tanzania.I went to Morogoro,Dodoma,Iringa,Mbeya,Ruvuma and Njombe region.The main reason of the project was to upgrade rectifier modules in Helios owned Tigo telecom sites around those regions.

 Inala RMS after before installation of peripheral component alarms 

Field Engineer installing Inala generator alarms,generally within the generator Inala is monitoring Fuel consumption as well as general fuel management,Door alarms,Generator run alarms,Generator on load alarms,Mains on load alarms ,utility grid monitoring and Generator remote start/stop as well as generator remote reset. 

Field Engineer Installing Utility meter that is connected to Inala RMS for monitoring utility grid

This project has to do with the site Asset Management System (SAM). Inala SAM is the system that enables monitoring of cell site remotely using a computer aided server direct from the Remote Management System (RMS) which is installed at the cell site .

A Battery current probe measures the current by a principle of no physical contact ,It works like a Cramp meter that measures current without physical contact,it has an allow ,when connected to the positive cable the arrow should point in the direction of the battery and viceversa when connected to negative cable.

Inala RMS after installation

The Base transmission system  is a piece of equipment that facilitates wireless communication between user equipment (UE) and a network. UEs are devices like  mobile phones (handsets),  WLL phones,  computers with wireless internet connectivity,  WiFi and  WiMAX devices and others. The network can be that of any of the wireless communication technologies like  GSM,CDMA Wireless local loop,  WAN,  WiFi,  WiMAX, etc

An Automatic Digital generator set (GL type)

Mains phase frequency sensor(MPF) is senses Mains voltage,phase voltage and frequency of supply power.

Hybrid extension module it senses voltage of the load ,voltage and temperature of the hybrid system.

How grid utility meter is connected to commercial utility meter

Many companies contracting the telecom industry have benefited from this technology including young graduate engineers and technician with no field experience who after short training appear to manage the system pretty well.

With Inala SAM there is reduction of cost incurred on generator fuel by using the lately discovered hybrid mechanism of remote start /stop it is also provided employment to engineers and technicians graduating from university and local training institutions in the country.

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